The Environment

A new neighborhood has been built near the water line in South Netanya – Ir Yamim. The neighborhood consists of high-rise towers, with a clean and up-to-date design. The terrific location of the neighborhood and its ability to attract a high-quality population have enabled it to develop and take shape in a unique manner, perfectly combining modernism and sophistication, and a warm, friendly and communal atmosphere. The neighborhood is located next to Netanya's wonderful nature reserves, the Iris Reserve and the Winter Pond Reserve, where you can see a great variety of Israeli animal and plant life, while enjoying a relaxing stroll. The neighborhood also offers spacious parks, playground and exercise facilities, a wonderful promenade, a pleasant shopping mall and a variety of other services for the community, such as schools, gardens, synagogues, etc.

Ir Yamim currently has about 5,000 residents – young families and elderly couples, foreign residents, native Israelis, and new and veteran immigrants – and it is planned to grow to about 18,000 residents, when fully occupied. The residents come to Ir Yamim from many regions in Israel and around the world, in order to enjoy a quality of life unique to this project – close proximity to a wonderful beach, first-rate municipal services, living in high-quality luxury apartments in a well-cared-for environment and in a central location in the heart of the country. All these advantages make Ir Yamim one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Israel, with a prestigious urban area in which meticulously designed and advanced architecture is being implemented.