The Apartments

In each tower there is a wide mixture of luxuriously and meticulously planned apartments:
(170 sq.m. + 30 sq.m. balcony) (240 sq.m. + 50 sq.m. balcony) (120 sq. m. + 24 sq.m. balcony)
(1830 sq.ft + 323 sq.ft. balcony) (2583 sq.ft. + 538 sq.ft. balcony) (1292 sq.ft. + 258 sq.ft. balcony)
The emphasis is on large high ceilinged spaces and an open view of the sea from every angle. Each apartment has floor-to-ceiling windows, affording breathtaking views of the sea from almost every window, and has rich and prestigious finish specifications.

The residential units at Briga Towers provide the pampering and lively experience of a resort, and all the privacy, intimacy and family atmosphere of a home.

Apartment Plans