The Briga Company has been operating in Israel since the 1970's. The Company works in the field of development and implementation, taking care of its customers at all stages of the process – from development through construction and supervision, architectural design of the apartments, interior design and customer service. Briga focuses on construction of high-rise residential areas and hotels, and in recent years it has specialized in developing and building luxury homes, primarily along Netanya's seacoast. Among the more prominent projects that the Company is currently building are "Migdal David" and "YAM," two prestigious projects in Netanya, which offer spacious, well-designed and beautiful apartments close to the seashore in Netanya.

At Briga, we ensure uncompromising construction quality, amazing design and planning, and implementation of especially rich and prestigious finish specifications. Alongside all these features, Briga maintains a family character together with dedicated, caring and friendly customer service. The professional assistance and support that Briga provides for purchasers of its apartments comes from a sincere and personal commitment to achieving the best results possible.